The Conservatory Association of Finland

The Conservatory Association of Finland is the national co-operation forum for Finnish music conservatories and polytechnics. Founded in 1986, it aims to support and promote music education and advocate its members’ interests.

Finnish conservatories provide both basic and upper secondary level education in music. The Association’s focus is on the latter.

Today we have sixteen member schools: all 11 conservatories of music in Finland and five polytechnics offering a degree in music.

The Vocational Qualification in Music

The Finnish conservatories are houses full of music, creativity and hands-on learning. Goal-oriented studies are available from the playschool level to the adult departments.

In upper secondary level, students can complete a three-year study program leading to the Vocational Qualification in Music (level 3 of the EC classification, upper secondary level, ISCED 3, 180 competence points.)

The Vocational Qualification in Music is divided into three competence areas: Music Performance (Musician), Music Technology (Music Technologist) and Piano Tuning (Piano Tuner).

Depending on the school, Music Performance students can specialize, for example, in classical music, pop/jazz, folk music, church music and music writing.

Some of our member schools also offer a vocational qualification in music production for those interested in a professional career in the music business, and some offer a vocational qualification in dance for aspiring professional dancers.

International co-operation

Our member schools are constantly looking for opportunities for international co-operation. Some of them have ongoing Erasmus projects with international partner schools.

If you would like to study music in Finland in one of our member schools, please notice that tuition is usually in Finnish or in Swedish.

Even though a full English programme is not available, you may occasionally find courses and projects taught by visiting exchange teachers in English or other languages. Also, tuition in English or other languages may be available for individual exchange students.

More information

If you would like to get more information about the studies, you can contact our member schools directly.

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